Séverine Berthe Salegos lives and works between France and Brazil. Born in France, she has lived in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Brazil and in the United States.
The experience of migrating to different countries is expressed by her work, by exploring in the forms of still or animated images to the conception of large interactive videoprojections. The production of the artist experiments with temporal processes and examines both, the phenomena of coincidences and the occurrences of events that unfold from our perception of time. Using fugitive materials and processes which allow for the images to be generated by themselves, Berthe Salegos produces artworks involving forms in a state of becoming more than in an achieved forms of presentation in using the time lapse of the exhibition. The materiality of the image, its reproducibility and its disappearance contain traces left by the audience as much as any astmospherical events or simply by the time passing by the exhbition. These forms of image-making unfold with the audience’s imagination and memory as far as they utterly depict the intricacies between personnal, cultural, historical and sociological contexts.
Berthe’s work has been exhibited throughout France and internationally with exhibitions at Museu da República, Rio de Janeiro, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, France and Kusnthuis SYB in the Netherlands. She has also participated in group shows such as the Media Art Friesland, the Netherlands, Biennale de St Cloud, France, Nuit Blanche Paris, France.