Sky Project - Subliminal


Real time Interactive video installation

Dark room, videoprojection, Wii Remote Control, headphones, computer, Real-time

Variable dimension in a ratio of 800x600 pixels (video)

Sketches for Subliminal


30x35 cm

Sky Project - Subliminal is an Interactive video installation - Real time interactive computer work

Credits• The Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center supports the Space Shuttle

and International Space Station (ISS) and programs by training the astronauts in Earth observations  and

operating an archive on photographs that past, present and future astronauts take during their Mission.

>> Watch a video sample of the installation exhibited at  Maison Populaire, Montreuil, France, 2008

Interview   France Culture  2008   Rencontre avec Jocelyne Quélo, Berthe Salegos et E.Rébus

extraits de l’émission Minuit/Dix par Aude Lavigne, une invitation d’Éric Philippe